Bethanni x Bria | Our Networking Collab

Networking is something I feel I’ve gotten better with over time. Growing up I was a very shy girl who would hate when people would want to engage in small talk with me or even look at me.¬† Thankfully I had people around me who thought it was a great idea to push me out of my comfort zone and show me that networking can be a fun thing and not as hard or intimidating as it may sound. My girl Bria and I finally got a chance to do a collab together and share some insight on how to navigate through networking.

Bria is the creator of Nichole Knows¬†and a native Louisvillian like myself. Below is one of many collabs she and I will do together and I’m super excited to share this experience with her.

Check out our networking video below! We hope you find these tips helpful and useful. Feel free to share any tips you’ve learned while networking we’d love any feedback.





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