3 Ways to Protect your Energy

What a blessing it is to witness another birthday. I’m learning with each year, the older I get, what really matters in life. On my 28th Birthday I wanted to do something I’ve never done before. I wanted to go wine tasting at a winery! I went to San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles,CA. with […]

REVIEW: Fenty Beauty

Rihanna launched her cosmetic line and it shook the beauty community. Rihanna created 40 shades of foundation which is unheard of! As a brown girl, I’ve found it difficult shopping for a drug store or high-end foundation because of their shade range. Thanks to Fenty Beauty, I was able to buy her makeup with no […]

REVIEW: BeautyCon LA 2017

BeautyCon hosts the hottest makeup- brands in a convention in an effort to create a community to celebrate using makeup as a tool for self-expression and gives exposure to beauty enthusiasts like you and I.

Kentucky Derby: Get The Look

The Kentucky Derby isn’t solely for the old and mature anymore; millennials are taking notice and getting dressed for the occasion.

Kentucky Derby: Bold Beauties

If you tend to shy away from loud hues, or if you want a new way to wear bold colors, you’ll want to try this cool approach for Derby.

Kentucky Derby: Monochromatic

What do people wear to The Kentucky Derby is thee second most topic of conversation after who won the race. The third, is what we actually wore! What locals call ‘The Derby,’ is one more opportunity to take our Sunday’s best straight to the winner’s circle.

Kentucky Derby: Steal His Look

Cheers to our old school playas from the Himalayas; these men represent our coolest uncles and grandfathers to date. When you’re born between 1950-1970, style was embodied internally rather than externally.