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I took a trip to LA recently and had the experience of a lifetime! I visited the Young and the Restless (Y&R) set and got to see them taping LIVE.

It was the coolest experience because I grew up watching this soap opera with my grandma. It’s so crazy how emotionally attached I feel to the characters.  Not to mention,  my grandma (She’s 86) was there with me and got to meet everyone she’s been watching since the show began. How cool is that?

Experiences as simple as visiting a taping are priceless. Mainly since I spent it with my family, and it was something we all didn’t mind spending hours doing. We’ve been watching for years we felt like we were family LOL. I thoroughly enjoyed being on set and and watching the entire Newman family (Wealthy Family this soap opera is centered around) on set at once! 

This experience taught me to live in the moment because we couldn’t have our phones on set. When you put your phone down for a second you get to see life, and feel the moment that you are so busy capturing. The actors were so welcoming and friendly. I’ll forever tune in to this soap opera because of this experience. I think everyone should visit the set of their favorite shows at least once in life.


While on tour of the Y&R set and watching the live taping, I met an amazing new friend . Her name is Jasmine and she was our set tour guide . I got a chance to chat it up with her about her journey and what it’s like to work on such a pioneer set. Check out my interview with Jasmine below:


ILuvBethanni: During our tour I overheard you telling my sister, who is also a CAU grad, that you are also an alumni. How did you end up in LA?
 Jasmine: I ended up in LA based off of a few things, let’s see if I can simplify this story. New York City jobs were not “biting at” my resume and in 2011 I had recently took a great trip to LA and fell in love with the job possibilities. When I returned back to Philly I submitted my resume to major networks just so my name and resume would be in its database since I planned to move to LA in January 2012, I wanted to be already “recognizable” for when I would be submitting while living in this very city. Back story: I was working at a gym at the time and I HATED it, I mean I graduated with a degree in TV production so this was far from what I thought I’d be doing after college. So I went to work at the gym one day (this was maybe a month after my LA trip) and my manager said he was going to suspend me because a gym member had made a complaint about me. Being that I was with this gym since its grand opening and worked the hardest, I quit that job. Some nerve of this new manager! But anyways, that same day I got a call from a CBS HR rep asking me to come in for an interview. Being that I used a Sherman Oaks, CA address on my resume (haha) he thought I could come in that week but I smoothly told him I had to go back to Philly to get the last of my belongings and would be back to LA next week. So I packed up all of my stuff, said see ya later to friends and family and have been in LA since September 2, 2011.

ILB: How did you get to where you are today?


J: After couch surfing and struggling to survive as a CBS Page with little to no interviews for over a year I landed a job at The Young and the Restless. A producer at YR used to be a CBS Page and the YR office was restructuring so the producer let the Page Supervisor know he had an opening for an Executive Assistant. I applied as did all the other Pages but I followed up consistently. The producer had me come in temporarily to cover the front desk then after a couple of extended interviews I was offered the job as the Receptionist in August 2012. Last year, I took initiative and drafted a job proposal for a promotion to become an office PA. After a few months I was promoted in October 2015.


ILB: What did you major in? 


J:I majored in Mass Media Arts with a focus in Television Production.


ILB: What’s a typical day like for you?


J: This is a difficult question, I have a set list of duties but each day those duties can be prioritized differently.


ILB: What is your dream job?


J: My dream job(s) is to be a show runner and to be a commercial actress. I want to be able to create my own schedule.


ILB: What do you like least/ most about your job? 


J: ahahaha I love my job 😉


ILB: Who and what inspires you?


J: The YR actors inspire me. They come to work, loving what they do and I think that’s pretty cool.


ILB: What do you feel had contributed to your growth the most working closely to Y&R?


J: The personal motivation I get coming to YR has contributed to my growth. It makes me want to continue to make my choice of moving to LA all worth it. From being on set or being in a production meeting is a reminder to keep going.


ILB: How do you deal with work politics?


J: By not going “Philly” on people 🙂 and by sitting down and discussing any concerns I have.


ILB: What did you fear about working in LA?


J: I didn’t have any fears about working in LA. I won’t lie, I was stressed when I couldn’t find a new job while I was Paging but overall being in LA has always felt right.


ILB: What’s the next right move for you?


J: Being more hands-on in a production and being able to say “that piece right there is my contribution”.


ILB: Work motto?


J: I use my college motto in all aspects of life “Find a way or make one”.


ILB: The best piece of advice you ever received in the business?


J: “Don’t love these hoes”, just kidding. My mentor told me “Remember it’s not show friendship…, it’s show BUSINESS”.


ILB: What are your hobbies outside of work?


J: Seriously, I need a life but the things I like to do is bowling, watching movies, singing and listening to music, hula hooping and drinking bottomless mimosas.


ILB: How do you balance it all?


J: I just try to “adult” well and take things one day at a time. I have faith that my steps are definitely guided by God.


ILB: If you could choose anybody in the business to work with, who would that be?


J: The first person that came to mind was Queen Latifah. She is the definition of great evolution. She is a brand.


ILB: If you could redo anything from your journey to LA , to where you are now, would you?


J: No, I like how things have played out and things are only getting better. Ok, maybe not have dated that one guy but it’s cool.


ILB: What advice would you give to someone moving out to LA looking to be stable, and follow their dreams?


J: Believe in your choice to make it! Trust the good and the bad and be aware of the lessons.



You can catch Young and the Restless weekdays at 4 p.m. Eastern Time.

What’s an experience that’s changed your life so far this year? Sound off in the comments below.


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