The Hoody is back- Here’s How To Style It

Yes, the hoody is cool again!

It’s 2017, and it’s time to put a little¬†twist on your personal style.

The hoody seems like a simple, obvious garment, something whose very existence you take for granted. But its resurgence comes at a crossroads of trends. For one, it’s not the athleisure type. Neither is it vintage. But it is throwback in a way, but reimagined and re-presented for evaluation.

The hoody turned chic is what I like to call it.

It adds a certain coolness and a touch of sport. The hoody is the ultimate item to give your outfit some extra street cred.

This is my favorite go-to look when I’m stepping out or if I’m grabbing a bite to eat for date night. Plus, it really makes my legs look nice! *LOL*.

Whether cropped or worn as a dress, snuggle up in your favorite hoodie and make the streets your runway!

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Here’s some of my favorite celebrity style inspo:

How will you be rocking your hoodie this year?


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