Product Spotlight: 3 to Die for Highlighters

If you’re not using a highlighter, you might as well accept the fact your glam kit sucks. The easiest way to create a youthful, dewy complexion, are with these must-have highlighters.

3 to die for Highlighters

1) Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Gold Deposit- Soft reflective golden-bronze

MAC Gold Deposit

MAC Gold Deposit

2) Becca’s Champagne Pop- Soft white gold w/ pinky peach undertones

Becca's Champagne Pop

Becca’s Champagne Pop

3) Becca’s Blushed Copper- Warm copper infused with rose gold tones

Becca's Blushed Copper

Becca’s Blushed Copper

What is a Highlighter?

A highlighter is face makeup that attracts light, creating the illusion of brightness and height, hence that lit-from-within look. This is the opposite of contouring. Highlighting should be used in addition to contouring to lift and push features back. This makeup MUST HAVE gives your face LIFE.

Where do you use a highlight?

You can use a highlighter specifically on your:

Brows: Putting a highlighter above your brow gives your eyes an instant lift. Putting a highlight on your brow bone accentuates the eye.
Cheeks:This is by far my favorite place to put a highlight because it instantly pushes attentions toward your eyes. This also helps make your cheeks appear higher.
Cupids bow: You can make your lips look fuller and poutier by applying this on your cupids bow.
Nose: Putting a highlighter down the center of your nose can make it appear slimmer.
Tear ducts: Putting a little highlight here can make your eyes look bigger or brighter. You get a flash of brightness every time you blink.

TIP: Using a brush to apply your highlight gives you more controlled application.

The goal to remember when applying highlighter is to get a reflective dewy look that makes you look like you moisturized your skin very well.

Shop these highlighters: Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Gold Deposit, Becca’s Champagne Pop, and Becca’s Blushed Copper

What are your favorite highlighters? Sound off in the comments below!

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