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It’s officially 2016 and that means it’s time to step your quality of Glam up. Part of my makeup series in “I Luv Glam” is ‘Be your Own Glam Squad’. In ‘BYOGS’ I will suggest and demonstrate different ways you can achieve your favorite makeup trend. It is important to know how and what type of makeup you will be wearing. So to kick off the glam series we will begin with my favorite part, Lashes!

I may be a little dramatic when I say this, but the number one thing you should have when you’re getting ready to slay your face is false lashes. That’s it. Don’t worry about anything else until you know which lashes you will be wearing that day.

You really should build your glam around your lashes. False eyelashes range from bold to natural. Your eyes are a very important part of your look. You would want to decide on if you want the focus on your eyes or on the rest of your face.

I prefer a more dramatic lash for when I’m attending events, or special occasions.

My go-to lash for dramatic looks are my 3D Lilly Lashes in Miami and Mykonos. If you’re looking for an intense look Lilly Lashes are very full. They give you the illusion of a very exotic eye with any makeup. You won’t have to do too much the lashes in this case does it for you! Lilly Lashes are definitely a pair of lashes you make an investment in because the price point is high. They are stackable and reusable. Keep in mind that these are 3D Mink Lashes.

(Lilly Lashes photos courtesy of LillyLashes.com and Lilly Lashes Instagram)

A major key to the success of building your personal makeup kit is knowing when to make an investment in a product or finding a cheaper route. You get what you pay for. These lashes give you at least 20 wears. The Lilly Lashes retail at $29.99. You can find them here: Lillylashes.com

My day time wearable looks are a bit different. I go for a more natural flirty type of lash when I want a soft glam look.

I reach for Ardell wispy lashes! If you want more drama with the natural lash I go for the Double up Ardell Wispy pack. Ardell lashes can be found in your local beauty supply store. These are great beginner lashes because they are easy to use and they have a thin lash band. These are perfect if you’re a low maintenance kind of girl. Wispy lashes make you look like you’ve grown these lashes yourself. I can normally get three to four wears out of my wispy lashes. Ardell wipsy lashes retail for $4.50. The double-up pack retails for $7.99.

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What type of lash girl are you?

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