Life Is Generous

A few months ago my entire life took a turn for what I thought was the worst thing that could’ve happen to me.

I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that thankfully is treatable through medication daily for the rest of my life.

Although I’m able to say this out loud 3 months later, I struggled mentally and spiritually with acceptance of my diagnosis.

I’d say it was a low point for me because I had plans to relocate, consistently blog, and workout etc. I was discouraged and felt alone . It’s funny looking back on it now because I knew God was in control,  I just wanted to be in control . We all have moments like that right?

In the midst of what seemed like chaos in my life , God continued to bless me.



I had more downtime then I’d like but during that time I came across an Instagram post by my online mentor Myleik. She shared a story about her sitting next to a woman on a flight who recently went through a divorce . Before she could feel sorry for her, the woman continued by pointing out the love of her life a few rows behind them and said to Myleik ‘Life is generous.’

I was so inspired by this story and it seemed to be shared at the right time. I was in such a shitty mood about what was going on at that time in my life that I forgot to count my blessings.

“Life will readily give us MORE time, MORE money, MORE love and MORE kindness than is needed or expected.” – Myleik Teele

What a word! Seeing this changed my thought process and my life. Life had been very generous to me. Once I stopped beating myself up and took a moment to think about how bad things COULD be, I felt at ease. I was being blessed during this time with a new car, new HEALTHY friendships with new people, had an amazing job and I was alive to say the least.

I believe now more than ever, that once we let go of what God is trying to get rid of and focus our attention on what he’s currently doing in our lives we become grateful. There’s always a lesson and not everything that happens to you is negative.

Things that helped me get through this rough time were praying, tapping in to my support system ( family), and exercising.


What are things that you do that help you get through a rough time? Comment below.




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