3 Reasons You Should Try BROWN Eyeliner

There’s nothing like a classic black winged liner, but sometimes it’s fun to go beyond the usual black and switch things up.

3 Reasons why you should try Brown eyeliner vs. Black eyeliner:

*There are other colors that are more flattering and less harsh when it comes to everyday liner
*Dark colors are known to shrink and recede
*Light colors are known to advance and bring forward

Those three reasons are very important to remember because during the day you want your eyes to appear more open and awake.
Black liner can make you look like a raccoon if you aren’t fleeky with your wrist game while applying. Not to mention, black eye liner can be very harsh and a little too dramatic during the day time.

Black eye liner on the left brown eyeliner on the right

*Pictured above, the left eye has black liner. The right eye has brown liner.See the difference?

Below are images of me wearing black eyeliner.

Keep in mind that eye makeup in this case, is about finding the most flattering contrast between eye color and liner color which in turn brings out your eyes big time.

Want to get the look? Try these ‘They’re Real’ eye liners. This push liner comes in different colors and depending on your eye color you can have a lot of fun with your eyes. Their liners can be found at Sephora.
What’s your favorite eyeliner color?

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