How to Wear Your Favorite Summer Dress for Fall

Not ready to let summer go? Me either! Here’s how you can style one of your favorite summer dress while transitioning for the fall. This taupe dress was one of my personal faves from the summer. I am determined to utilize this piece during the new season. What I am deciding to do is incorporate […]

The Real Reason You’re Not Laughing

The Real Reason You’re Not Laughing   You know, we are living in a digital age where people can’t seem to do anything without recording, instagramming, tweeting their entire lives.   The attention whore struggle is chronic.   Thanks to my fortunate luck (a Kentucky girl had a little access,) I attended Kevin Hart’s “What […]

Bethanni’s secret Brow Weapon? A brow Expert

“When you don’t know if your brow girl is a surgeon, a witch, a wizard, or the next coming of Christ.” -Draya Michele Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by your brow lady. If you’re raising your hand like me, then you know having a bad wax job on your brows is […]